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We CARE at the The Urgent Care!

We CARE at the The Urgent Care!

The Urgent Care is a comprehensive medical clinic open after hours and conveniently located in both Gretna and LaPlace, Louisiana, providing access for patients in surrounding St. Charles, Jefferson, Orleans, and the River Parishes.

The Urgent Care is dedicated to serving our community for over a decade, caring for more than 200,000 patients. The Urgent Care is a comprehensive medical clinic providing services ranging from urgent care medicine, primary and family care, to preventative medicine. We also offer additional services through our Comprehensive Addition Recovery & Education program. Our clinics are conveniently located and equipped with the latest technology and highly-qualified staff to provide each patient with excellent care.


Care For


A chronic cough is often defined as a cough lasting eight weeks or more, but any persistent cough can disrupt your life. . . .

Ear Infections

It is not always easy to know if your child has an ear infection. Sometimes you have to watch carefully. Your child may get an ear infection . .


Treatment for fever varies and also depends on additional ailments. If you or your child has a temperature of at least 100.4 degrees . . .


More than 3 million hospitalizations occur each year because of injuries. If you think you have a strain or a sprain from an injury . . .

What Our Patients Are Saying

Great place to go for the kids and myself!!! Very nice and smiling faces. Open early and closes late great for a working mom

- Monique V

I’ve been here at least four times. I live in New Orleans East, not a short drive. However, this is the absolute cleanest urgent care facility I have ever visited. I LOVE IT!

- Shinae G

My visit was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a medical clinic. Very friendly staff.

- Brenna S.

I was visiting from Phoenix and you and your staff were very caring. I am home now feeling so much better!

- Deborah T.

As a practice administrator for a dermatologist, I loved the professional compassion and attitude of your staff. Great job!

- Rochelle A

All the staff are very proficient, courteous, and professional!

- Jon R

Everyone was so nice! They were awesome! 🙂

- Megan D

Pleased with everything! Waiting time was not log at all. Superb staff!

- Sarah M

Your Nurse Practitioner Maisie B. has such a great attitude, and Dr. Mehaffie is the greatest. He knows his stuff. Thank you for all the help!

- Larry L

It was very fast; the experience was fine!! I would definitely come again. AMAZING staff! Best service I received in a long time

- Jane C

Great customer service

- Steven V

Great service every time! Thank you TUC!

- Jason H



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