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Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming and people are beginning to spring clean their houses.

But home may not be the only thing that needs a good spring cleaning. Your body may still be playing catch up from the holiday goodies, king cake and chocolate Easter eggs. Follow these tips to help reset your body for the spring and summer months!

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  1. Eat in-season, organic produce.

“In-season” means the fruits and veggies are naturally grown, without the help of an artificial environment, which produces more while prices go down. “Organic” means no harmful pesticides or artificial additives were used to grow the produce. Remember that local is good. But local does not always mean organic. So if you come across local, organic, in-season produce… stock up!

  1. Get outdoors.

Fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D. The outdoors can give you more than just a glowing tan. Cut the grass, plant some flowers and make your outdoors as nice as your indoors. Just remember the sunscreen!

  1. Schedule doctor and dentist check-ups.

Now is the time to see a doctor to make sure everything looks healthy for summer activities. Ask your doctor what tests you should prepare for according to your age and health. It’s also good to remember the medical industry has a drop in patients during the spring and summer months, making your visit fast and easy.

  1. De-clutter your medicine cabinet.
    Throw away old medication and expired vitamins. Keeping old pills around is just creating clutter and may be dangerous if you mistake a medication in the future. Also remember to safely discard the medications, especially painkillers, as those can be dangerous if they end up in the hands of children or adolescents.
  2. Take a few minutes everyday to relax.
    Whether you prefer yoga or a nap, relaxing for even a few minutes during the day can help you clear your mind and refocus your energy. Doing activities you enjoy, such as baking, taking a walk or gardening can help reduce stress.
  3. Wash all the fabrics in your home.

Yes, even those curtains in the guest room. Throw pillows, blankets, mattress protectors… wash them all with hot water to rid them of dust, dander and other allergens. Change the A/C filters frequently to ensure fresh air is flowing throughout your home.

  1. Throw out old cosmetics and body creams.

Yes, unfortunately that perfect-shade-of-red lipstick you love has a expiration date. It may not have one printed on it, but think about it, that stuff touches your lips everyday. It may be time to start fresh. If you notice any changes in your makeup or a separation of ingredients, toss the soiled toiletries and start new.

  1. Organize your computer.

From your coupon emails to your Thanksgiving 2013 photos, organize and file what you want to keep and delete what you don’t. It will make life much easier in the future when you need that random tax form you filed last year. By unsubscribing from unwanted emails, you will have a better time noticing the important threads and ignoring the junk.

  1. Rid your home of old, unnecessary baggage. 

From your ex’s sweater to those skinny jeans you will never fit into, give away anything that does not have a future in your home or your heart. Get rid of unflattering clothes, pictures of memories that make you sad or anything that may affect your psyche for the worse. It’s time to move forward and keep issues of the past in the past!

  1. Drink more water.

Seems like that’s what everyone tells you, but there’s a reason- it’s the best medicine! Staying hydrated can help with moodiness, energy, headaches and skin complexion. When you’re not feeling yourself, drink a glass of water. You may find that was the problem all along!

  1. 11. Call up that old friend.

You may have used the winter as a reason you haven’t seen your friends lately, but there’s no excuse now! Call up the girls for a lunch date. Go to a game with your guys. Plan activities with your kids and their friends. Getting out of the house is the best cure for cabin fever! Reconnect with friends and make those relationships stronger and happier this spring.

  1. It’s time you and Netflix took a little break.

TV will always be there, the great weather and people around you may not. Get outside and get active. Lounging on the couch increases serotonin, while physical exercise releases endorphins, making you feel better than that sappy Rom Com you saw last week for the fifth time.

So while you clean your house this spring, make sure to clean your body as well. From unnecessary stress to a poor diet to cobwebs in your heart, it’s time to start fresh and GET HEALTHY!





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