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Weight loss can be very difficult to accomplish for many people. Many feel intimidated by strict diets, tedious workout plans and the discipline required to go along with it. If you have decided that you need to lose weight, the best plan of action is to seek medical attention. Of course, we do not mean the ER but your primary care or urgent care can certainly assist. We highly recommend that you have a physician monitor your progress to ensure you are losing weight the most effective and healthy way. At our urgent care centers, we can asses your health and if you qualify, start you on an appetite suppressant prescription as well as advice on how to lower high blood pressures, BMI, cholesterol, etc. We understand many people do not know true nutritional value and hidden weight-gain ingredients and components in foods. We also know many of our patients may not know how to properly cook healthy meals nor know how to correctly shop for them.


Do not be fooled by what grocery stores or the media try to sell us as “healthy foods.” Food items such as fruits, dairy, and starches such as brown rice and wheat bread, all contribute to our weight gain, not loss. Simply supplementing white rice with brown rice has virtually no difference, aside from the fact that one is more natural looking than the other. All the above components not only have a high amount of carbohydrates, they also contain sugar. Though fruits are generally healthy, they contain a lot of sugar and should be eaten in moderation like all foods. Information like this is vital in ensuring the proper weight loss method and proving your diet effective.

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