A laceration is defined as torn, jagged skin usually caused from an injury such as a sharp object.

A cut is defined as separation of connective skin tissue. An abrasion is a wound that is scrapped and there is no missing or separated skin. You typically do not need to see a doctor if you have a cut or an abrasion. Most minor lacerations have minimal bleeding, minimal pain and no numbness or tingling at the site.

If lacerations or cuts go without proper care they can become infected or leave scars. Depending on how deep the laceration is, you may need stitches. You should seek medical advice to see if your wound needs further medical care than at-home treatment.

If you can see any bones or tendons or there is excessive bleeding and pain, seek medical attention immediately.

If you have injured yourself (non-emergency) and have a laceration, cut, or infection, please call one of our conveniently located clinics so we can help you.