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How are A.G.E’s Formed?

Advanced Glycation End-Product’s contribute to the development of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic renal failure, Alzheimers disease, cancer, and many other illnesses including physical aging of the body’s outer appearance.
AGE’s form naturally when we eat sugary or processed food. Also, levels of AGE’s can increase or decrease depending how food is cooked. For example, cooking food at high temperatures such as a grill or frying pan increases the number of AGE’s. This is because the chemical components alter in food as it is heated, especially when heated at a rapid rate.

AGE’s are made out of two primary ingredients: protein and sugar. Excess sugar molecules fuse with protein peptides, thus forming AGE’s. AGE’s attack healthy cells in our body. The damage causes healthy cells, tissues, organs to slowly decay, which causes our bodies to premature, both inside and out. Our appearance begins to age as well as the overall function of the organs and systems internally.

How Do I Reduce AGE’s?

+ Eat raw or real foods, not processed or sugary foods
+ Cook foods slowly at low heat temperatures
+ Exercise
+ TruAge MAX

What is TruAge Max?

TruAge Max is a nutritional beverage that contains more than 350 bioactive compounds all of which derive from medicinal plants. Including, Noni, Olive Fruit, Cornelian Cherry, Morinda Citrifolia, and TruAge Max Concentrate which is a blend of blueberry juice concentrate, olive leaf extract and Japanese cornelian cherry fruit extract.

TruAge Max:

  • Helps inhibit the formation of unhealthy blood vessels which helps promote healthy blood vessels
  • Helps improve the natural response the body has to inflammation
  • Natural energy and endurance booster
  • 30% increase in natural killer cell activity, a.k.a your immune system’s first line of defense, against a variety of different illnesses
  • Helps with heart health, joint health, brain function, protection against free radicals, circulation and digestion, DNA health, immunity, and much more
  • Helps slow the aging of the body’s physical appearance

What are Iridoids?

Iridoids are powerful phytochemicals produced by plants as a self-defense mechanism. While iridoids are found in a large percentage of plants, they are not common in fruits. These dynamic compounds provide a wide range of bioactivity. Iridoids have been scientifically proven to eliminate harmful free radicals, maintain cholesterol at already existing normal levels, increase energy, promote heart health, boost the immune system, support DNA, and support healthy brain activity.

Iridoids found in TruAge Max have the ability to help your body better recognize blood vessels that aren’t normal. Abnormal blood vessels can cause unhealthy cell growth. Iridoids also inhibit the production of the enzymes that cause unhealthy inflammation.

Noni berry juice (a concentrate in TruAge Max) works on the cellular level, which means it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. There are more than 150 beneficial nutritious compounds in the Noni fruit, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other important compounds.

Because TruAge Max is a concentrate of juice and not a medicine, it does not have any contraindications and has no possibility of overdose or misuse. There have been no reports of any interactions with TruAge Max combined with medications.


To Purchase TruAge Max, Please

visit www.morinda.com
Call us (504) 393 – 2273




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