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Don’t let Mardi Gras beat you up! Between late nights, parade after parade after parade, cold weather, being squished between hundreds of people, and nutrition below par, you’ll definitely need some help! Here are some great ideas to stay a little healthier this Carnival Season than those around you, or even youself last year. Everyone knows the basics but its hard to follow or remember. You’ll be happy you used these tricks!

Pack The Right Snacks!

After dancing and catching beads, make sure you take a break to eat some snacks. Pack things high in water content such as watermelon (92% water!), plus a large peice will keep you full for longer. Also pack things high in protein, such as a nutriton bar like Kind, Cliff, or your favorite granola bar. STAY AWAY from salty foods or snacks! If you are tempted to do so, make sure you have water handy.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

And we arent talking about an alcoholic beverage. Pack that cool new camel back or thermos with hydrating fluids such as gatorade or coconut water, electrolyte water such as Propel or Smart water. For every drink you have, try to drink at least an 8-12oz glass of water. No water? Most bars on parade route will give a cup of water, especially if you’re purchasing an alocholic beverage or food. Try setting an alarm on your phone if you feel you will forget to drink water or food throughout the day.

Don’t Forget About Your Hands & Ears

The weather says its warming up in a few hours, but dont think it gets any warmer at night. You may have a thick coat or sweater and warm boots, but it’s easy to forget about the most active parts of your body.  Though being packed in a crowd can keep you somewhat warm, your extremities never seem to be warm enough catching all those beads. Wear gloves, wear a scarf or neck warmer, and wear a beanie or ear muffs. TRUST US, you will not regret it!

Going To A Mardi Gras Ball?

Plan accordingly. DO NOT hit up the parades all day. Limit your alcohol consumption and eat well. Once you arrive at the ball, you’ll immediately forget what you ate or drank earlier and its easy to fall into the temptation of drinking and dancing. You’ll be burning calories, but you’ll also be consuming alochol. Make sure to eat high protein snacks throughout the night and drink LOTS of water. The ball will be over for you WELL before midnight if you don’t!

Stay Out Of The Sun

Even if it’s a cold one, stay out of the sun. The last thing you need is an source other than yourself dehydrating you more. Apply sunblock, as your mother should have told you, it doesn’t matter if you are directly in the sun or not. Protect your skin! Bring a small bottle or sunscreen with you. Try picking a spot under a tent, in shade, or better yet in a restaurant or bar.

Still Dehydrated?

Some urgent care’s (especially us!) can help you rehydrate after all the exhaustion. Regaining all the elctrolytes and fluids your body needs to stay healthy is a crutial step in making sure you have an extra enjoyable carnival season. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can help you with or without insurance!





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