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The school year may be nearing an end but kids are still at risk of getting sick. With school work slowing down and Summer activities starting up, germs, allergies and even lice may be lurking around the corner.

Share these tips with your child to make sure he or she stays healthy while the school year finishes up!

  1. Make sure your child knows to wash his or her hands after playing with friends or going to the bathroom and before eating food.
  2. Explain how lice spread → They’re like fleas for humans! Sharing anything from a hat to a hair brush can spread lice. So as the camp outs, sleepovers and playdates become an everyday thing, make sure your child knows how to stay clear of the nuisance!
  3. Allergies can cause your child to struggle with symptoms, such as feeling foggy with certain medications. Make sure to talk to your child’s doctor about possible allergies and the best ways to help your child overcome them.
  4. Speaking of allergies, what about allergic reactions? Make sure your child knows to tell you or an adult if he or she comes into contact with poison ivy, poison oak or even a bug bite. Teach them what poison ivy and poison oak look like and make them aware of the possible dangers certain bugs, like ticks and bees, can cause.
  5. The sun is shining – make sure your child knows that! The sun feels great but too much can cause sunburns, exhaustion and dehydration. Teach your child about the importance of wearing sunscreen and staying hydration. Don’t forget the SPF 30+, swim guards, umbrellas, hats and sunglasses. These will help shield your body from the sun’s harmful rays. Drinking lots of fluids will help you stay hydrated and make you feel better and last longer when in the hot sun all day.

Summer is almost here! It’s time to relax and have fun. So let’s jump in with the best health possible. And if noses get stuffy or skin gets burnt, have no fear. We are here to save the day and get you and your child back to good health and back to Summer fun!




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