What is an urgent care center?

An urgent care center provides high quality medical care for patients with minor illnesses and injuries that are not life threatening.

Can I use the urgent care center as my primary physician?

Urgent care centers should not be a replacement for your primary physician. They are designed to provide patients with a convenient alternative when your primary physician is unavailable. We recommend you follow up with your physician after your appointment with us.

Will I be charged if I am unable to be treated at an urgent care center?

You may be charged depending on the circumstance. Medical advice and time spent with a medical provider is not free, and your insurance company does not expect it to be either. If you are referred out of the clinic before being fully evaluated by a medical provider, you may not be charged for your visit. If the medical provider has examined you and determined another form of treatment is necessary (emergency room or specialist) even when we are unable to treat the condition, you will be charged for the office visit. To better help yourself or a loved one, please call 911 or visit an emergency room for life-threatening symptoms or conditions.

Is an urgent care the same as an emergency room?

They are similar in that they provide immediate medical care for illnesses and injuries; however, urgent care centers only treat non-life threatening problems. Emergency rooms are equipped to treat more serious illnesses and injuries like seizures, excessive bleeding, major trauma, obstetric complications, chest pain, etc.

When should I go to an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers are equipped to treat and manage certain non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, such as sprains, skin rashes, fractures, infections, etc. Also, if your primary care physician is unavailable to treat common illnesses like a cold and the flu, an urgent care center is a good alternative.

Can I walk-in for service?

We highly encourage a check-in time and on extra busy days, we may only accept patients who have check-in times. Though we do accept walk-in patients, the wait tends to be longer compared to a patient with a check-in time as they have priority over a walk-in patient. Schedule your check-in time to help expedite your wait!

Do I have to have insurance to receive care at an urgent care center?

Insurance is not required to receive treatment. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards. However, payment in full is required at the time of service for private pay patients.

What information do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a photo ID and ALL of your insurance cards. If you have any prior X-rays or lab work that will assist us in your treatment, please bring those as well. In addition, provide us with a list of medications and nutrition supplements you are currently taking and the dosages of each.

Is urgent care more expensive than the emergency room?

Generally, urgent care centers are considerably less expensive than an emergency room visit.