Production Testing

We’re Here for Your Production Needs
On-Set Urgent Care Team dedicated to your production needs:
-Standard and Rapid PCR Tests
-Rapid Antigen
-Fast Lab Results
-On-Call Providers
-Access to any of our In-Clinic Services
We specialize in working with large production and event companies


• On Site Testing Events 

• Concierge Services on call testing

• In-Clinic Testing

• Virtual Visits

• Urgent Care Services

• FAQ question and answers from previous production experience

Call 504-323-6060 or more details

What We Offer

•Access to all results via our Phoenix Portal

• See orders and results in real-time in Phoenix

• Customizable User access to our patient portal

• Text Message Results sent to all patients

• Access to live admin support from our local staff

• Flexible staff to accommodate production changes

Test Turn Around Times

• Standard RT-PCR Test | Results in 4-6 hours after sample drop off

• Rapid PCR Test (Cepheid) Results in 1-2 hours after sample drop off

• Rapid Antigen | Results in 15 minutes on-site