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One of the conveniences of going to the doctor is making appointments. Believe me, at Westbank Urgent Care we understand your time is precious. I’d rather help patients quickly and efficiently than have them sneezing away in a waiting room, especially during this cold and flu season! Yuck!

So there is a very nifty tool, called ZipPass that acts as a same-day appointment (to be considered an urgent care, you cannot schedule appointments). Essentially, a ZipPass helps expedite your wait time. Technology these days allows us to schedule a ZipPass online- and its easy! Pick a time, input your basic information, and voila! Once you get to the clinic, you sign in and your chart gets put in front of everyone else’s.



Check out our website, click the ZipPass logo at the top right corner and you will be then directed to the page seen below:

After completing your ZipPass, your visit will be scheduled at our clinic, and we can prepare for your visit. Sometimes, there is still a wait, but a ZipPass will ensure your place in our system, especially over others that did not have a scheduled visit.

I believe this is a great alternative to scheduling appointments, it also helps us help you get in and get out as soon as possible. I would recommend this type of system to all urgent cares.

So now you know how to make a ZipPass. The question is now: When do you want to come in?

Please take a quick poll! Thanks!




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