Covid-19 Testing

RT-PCR Molecular Test

99% accuracy

same-day results

Insurance Accepted

$129 without insurance

RT-PCR Molecular Rapid Test

96% accuracy

1-2 hour result

$200 without insurance

Rapid Antigen Test

85% accuracy

15-20 minute results

Insurance Accepted

$99 without insurance

Covid Test Results

All Covid-19 Tests typically be received on the same day, we will TEXT or EMAIL your results. Click the button below to request your results with an official PDF. If a patient is positive, our staff will typically call in addition to providing your results.

Travel. Work Clearance. School Clearance. 

Our test results are approved for all travel (flights and cruises), work clearance, and school clearance. Some flights and cruises still require a negative Covid-19 Test to board. 

New Omicron Subvariant:

-More infectious.

-Spreads faster.

-54% of the country’s Covid-19 cases

-Threat to immune protection

Click here to read more about the subvariant