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Schedule your test at any of our 4 locations today! We will text, email, or print out your results. 


All international flights require a negative CoV-19 test. All of our clinics have acceptable CoV-19 tests for travel. Click Here to see the guidelines by the CDC.

Tests Accepted for International Flights:

  • Standard PCR
  • Rapid PCR

Standard PCR Test

  • Golden-standard test for detection of CoV-19
  • Required by airlines, international travel, medical/work clearance
  • Same-Day Results

Rapid PCR Test

  • Golden-standard test for detection of CoV-19
  • Not covered by insurance without symptoms
  • Results in 1-2 hours
  • Results guaranteed regardless of weekends or evenings

Rapid Antigen Test

  • Not accepted by airlines, international boarders
  • Test is typically meant for symptomatic patients or for personal knowledge
  • Results in 15 minutes

How Will We Get Our Results?

  • We will TEXT the patients immediately when their results are released from our lab
  • For positive results, we may also call in addition to receiving a text message
  • Official lab report of result (needed for travel) will be emailed to patient per request
  • Patients can consent to allow employer/another person to receive results directly