Don’t Wait, Zip! A Quick Tutorial on ZipPass

One of the conveniences of going to the doctor is making appointments. Believe me, at Westbank Urgent Care we understand your time is precious. I’d rather help patients quickly and efficiently than have them sneezing away in a waiting room, especially during this cold and flu season! Yuck! So there is a very nifty tool, called Read More

When Fido Bites Back: Tips on Animal Bite Prevention and Treatment

You’re walking down the street in your neighborhood, minding your own business, as you see a dog approaching. You don’t see a collar, but he looks like he could be your neighbor’s dog. You approach the wandering pooch, hoping to return the dog safely to your neighbor. It’s his growl that first alarms you, and Read More

Staying Warm… and Fit!

It is the middle of November and cold weather is finally upon us! The holiday season is approaching us with the promise of turkey, stuffing, dressings, and pies- so exercising and staying active is extremely important. However, dropping calories can be deterring when the temperature is also dropping. It’s easier for us to compromise staying Read More

There’s Nothing Sweet About Sugar. Break off the relationship, NOW!

You cant resist being the first in line at the Thanksgiving dessert table. Your children’s Halloween candy bag is ransacked by you in the middle of the night. Your morning coffee is paired best with a pastry- or two. You feel great and satisfied, then the guilt hits you and lethargy fills your body. But even the Read More

Are you ready for a FLU Pandemic? Here’s how to bunker down the right way…

Regular Protection before evidence of pandemic: 1. Stay healthy, stay vaccinated 2. Always, always, always wash your hands 3. Clean surfaces regularly 4. Always have food with long shelf life, only to be used during an emergency 5. Create an emergecy kit ahead of time: Supply of drinking water (one gallon/per person/per day) Important documents/medical needs: Copies of Read More

Common Cold or Allergies? How to Really Know the Difference…

Cough, wheezing, stuffy nose.. how do you really know if you are sick with a cold or have allergies? But you never had allergies before, so you must have the common cold? Right?… Think again. Allergies Let me break it down for you know how to detect each condition. What exactly is an allergy? An Read More

So what’s all the talk about “Urgent Care”?

Though the concept of Urgent Care clinics has been around for over 15 years, the idea was never widely known. To be brief, an Urgent Care is simply a walk-in clinic (that means no appointments) that focuses on the delivery of ambulatory care outside the emergency room. To be clear, an Urgent Care serves medical Read More



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